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Standard design variants

NBI single row cylindrical roller bearings are available in several basic designs as standard.

The most important design variants are shown below.

NU type bearings feature an outer ring with two fixed lips (flanges) whilst the inner ring is plain.

N design bearings have two fixed lips on the inner ring and a plain outer ring. 

NU and N design cylindrical roller bearings allow for a compensation of length changes of the shaft due to thermal expansion within the bearing. This makes them perfect floating (non-locating) bearings. These bearing designs, therefore, are not suitable to accommodate any thrust force.

NJ type cylindrical roller bearings feature two fixed lips on their outer ring and one lip on the inner ring. Bearings of NF design have one fixed lip on their outer ring and two lips on the inner ring. This allow for accepting single direction acting thrust forces what make them semi - locating bearing types.

NUP type cylindrical roller bearings are locating bearings. This design variant features two fixed lips on their outer ring, one integral lip on the inner ring and a loose rib. NUP type bearings can accommodate limited thrust forces in either direction. They act as locating bearings.

HJ type thrust collars are being used in conjunction with cylindrical roller bearings for guiding shafts.

When used with HJ type thrust collars, semi locating NJ type cylindrical roller bearings can be turned into locating bearings, hence providing a guidance in both directions.

NU type cylindrical roller bearings should not be used with two HJ thrust collars for preventing an erroneously clamping of the rollers.

NU type cylindrical roller bearings with a HJ thrust collar are able to take up thrust forces acting in one direction only. Since these bearings are seldom used they have not been included in the data tables; please, contact NBI sales department to request further information about these series. 


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