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Technical characteristics

Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage

Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage are radial and separable bearings.

Due to the possibility of fitting the different components of the bearings, i.e. the outer and the inner rings, individually, the mounting becomes easier.

Furthermore, this technical feature allows for the use of press fits for both rings which is of advantage in applications where vibrations or shock loads occur.

Their boundary dimensions are standardized by the DIN Standards, DIN Standard 616 plans and DIN 5412/part 1.

Depending on their design, single row cylindrical roller bearings can be used as non-locating bearings, semi-locating bearings or as locating bearings.

N and NU type cylindrical roller bearings are ideal non–locating bearings, other design variations, i.e. NJ, NF and NU+HJ designs, can also handle thrust forces up to an certain amount in one direction, and others like NJ+HJ and NUP can admit loads acting in both directions.

Single row cylindrical roller bearings feature relatively high speed ratings when compared to other roller bearing types.

In the case of bearing applications having only limited space available (i.e. gear boxes), single row cylindrical roller bearings can also be used without their respective outer or inner rings, i.e. RN-type and RNU-type bearings, respectively. 

These bearing design types allow the rollers to run directly onto the contacting surface of either the shaft or in the housing. 

However, in such bearing arrangements the contacting surface parts must be hardened and ground as for regular bearing raceways.

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