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Visiting NBI's manufacturing plant

 Visiting NBI's manufacturing plant

Last May our Marketing manager had the chance to visit the manufacturing plant NBI has built in Changzhou. She was very pleased to meet the whole production staff, as to see all the machinery fully working.

NBI's plant is located in Changzhou, and industrial village less than 200 kms. away from Shanghai, so as you can imagine this area boasts a highly developed and integrated infrastructure on land, sea and in the air.

Starting from the surroundings you can notice everything has been placed following the NBI new corporative image: NBI's colours in every display, grey materials for industrial outlook, and green areas all around. As you step inside the factory, this pattern continues in the administration area, where besides the corresponding offices, there are many meeting rooms at your disposal.

Machinery and Technology

Production and administration area share the more than 25.000 square meters, along three floors, that compounds the building. Specially noticeable is the manufacturing area, where great amount of machinery and technology can be found. Divided in specialised areas, such as assembly, support, turning, grinding workshop, or heat treatment, the production proccess goes, always subjected to stringent quality SPC control procedures.

The most relevant features of NBI's production plant are:

  • Full traceability: due to batch identification systems
  • CNC Turning equipment guarantees close dimensional and geometrical tolerances plus a stable surface quality
  • AICHELIN heat treatment line (100 m. long): computerized tempering and quenching processes guarantee an optimum microstructure with uniform grain structure and thus steady quality
  • CNC precision grinding machinery: high dimensional and geometrical accuracy with fine surface finish

Quality management

Experienced engineers along with latest technology provide rich experience and knowledge in bearing manufacturing, focusing on high quality achievement. In the technical inspection department there are many high standard machines and testers to ensure the optimum level for NBI bearings.



We are delighted to show you a little bit of that visit so you can learn more about our production process and quality management.



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