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Inspección de material

Material inspection

Before, during and after manufacturing our chemical and metallurgical laboratory permanently performs quality tests. Some of them are as follows:


  • Chemical laboratory - Spectrometer: test of raw material chemical composition, including the content of Ti, Al, N, Ca, O, and Cu

  • Metallurgical laboratory - Ultrasonic tester: internal defect inspection (pores and shrinkage) and detection of non-metallic inclusions such as sulfides, aluminates, or silicates

  • Metallurgical laboratory - Eddy current tester: surface and subsurface crack detection, grain size determination and heat treatment evaluation

  • Barkhausen meter - Magnetic particle inspection: detection of surface cracks in raceways and residual stresses (grinding burns)



Dimensional inspection

Along the different production procceses, there are several inspections made, according to achieve the highest finishing quality.

  • Raw material
  • Forging
  • CNC Turning: dimensional and geometrical tolerances, visual appearance, and surface roughness
  • Heat treatment
  • CNC Grinding: dimensional geometrical tolerances, visual appearance, surface roughness, residual magnetism, raceway an rollers profile, lip angle, and coating thickness and uniformity
  • Assembly



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