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Enhanced+: series superiores de rodamientos

NBI combines experience in designing and producing bearings with the latest technology in material research and manufacturing technology to create a new bearing line, Enhanced bearings, with superior benefits:


  • Increased dynamic load capacity
  • Significant reduction in friction, thereby saving energy and thus helping to preserve our environment
  • Increased service life


Improvements in internal design features optimize the internal load distribution. Lubricant flow is enhanced by newly defined geometry of the bearings fuctional surfaces.

The ability to accept misalignments plus the axial load carrying capacity have increased due to these improvements. This technical progress allows for working with higher dynamic load ratings.


  • Optimized design of bearing ring flanges increases axial load carrying capacity
  • Modified contact geometry provides a better compensation of misalignments
  • Reduced raceway roughness enables a reduced friction, and a lower operating temperature
  • Manufacturing process with tighter tolerances gives an uniform load distribution
  • Optimized cage design provides an improved roller guidance and lubrication
  • Optimized internal geometry gives an improved load capacity and less localized stress peaks
  • Clean bearing steel enables an enhanced fatigue life
  • Latest heat treatment, technology and equipment gives a fine grain structure which improves the bearing life


For all questions you may have regarding the NBI E+ series, please feel free to contact our engineering team.


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